Coconut Oil Benefits: Has Medicinal Properties

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Undoubtedly, coconut oil is one the great foods that can be categorized as superfoods. It has been proven to have more than enough health benefits. One of the apparent facts is that it contains medicinal properties. It comprises of a unique combination of high medicinal properties with fatty acids.

In the recent past, the oil suffered demonization because it contains some saturated fats. As a matter of fact, the oil is one of the primary sources of saturated fat. Nearly 90% of the fatty acids contained in it are saturated. However, recent research shows that the oil is quite harmless. Massive research has stood to prove that the thoughts that the oil clogs arteries were but just a mere myth.

It comprises of Medium Chain Triglycerides. These are medium length fatty acids. Almost all fatty acids are long-chain fatty acids. However, the medium-chain ones in coconut oil are metabolized in a different way. From the digestive tract, they go to the liver. At the liver, they are utilized as a quick source of energy. Additionally, they are transformed into ketone bodies. Such bodies contain therapeutic effects on various brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.

Besides, one of the coconut oil benefits is that it boosts healing of wounds. Since time immemorial, the oil has been utilized for wound healing. There are three known mechanisms of the healing. Firstly, it has an ability to increase re-epithelialization. Secondly, it accelerates antioxidant enzyme activity. Again, it stimulates high collagen linking within the repaired tissues. Also, it is important to note that coconut oil works synergistically alongside traditional treatments, for instance, silver sulphadiazine, to speed up wound recovery.

Additionally, one of the coconut oil benefits is that it is an anti-fungal. For research reasons, scientists exposed some isolates of Candida species to coconut oil. Candida albicans, the very popular form, turned out to have a very high susceptibility. In the end, researchers remarked that the oil should be made use of fungal infection treatments in the face of the upcoming drug-resistant species of Candida.

Coconut oil in the medicine arena has never ceased to impress. Interestingly, the oil can be used as an anti-ulcer. Coconut milk, which comprises of coconut oil components, has been proven to suppress stomach ulcers. It is quite an impressing fact having in mind how acute ulcer pains are. In a nutshell, coconut oil benefits in medicine are quite a lot.

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